Saint icons have never been so cool.

We do posters, wall lamps, design objects and stylish t-shirts.

We offer you many chances at redemption.

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While working for miracles, we also work for people who are looking for made in Puglia creativity and craftsmanship:

Decoration | Design gifts | Cool art prints | Accessories | Lighting

Saints were ordinary women and men, who made extraordinary actions. Regardless of different beliefs, tuttiSanti is a catalyst for all human beings to feel, see and claim their power.

To be promptly a Saint, you don't need a vow.

 tuttiSanti is managed by FF3300,

a graphic design company, who was commissioned
by the Municipality of Bari to create the 2013 poster for the historical procession of St. Nicholas.

170 posters were plastered all over the city.

Our “aha! moment” was when lots of people used our posters as a background for their selfies.

About two years later, the St. Nicholas poster was edited
by the association that unites professionals of graphic design and visual communication in Italy (AIAP) for the "Millennials/The new scene of the Italian graphic" exhibit in Milan.

That was a pivot point: we then decided to increase our efforts on TuttiSanti,
so to offer you many chances at redemption.




Our online store is always available on Shopify.

We also sell our products at Puglia Design Store: strada Vallisa, 67/68 – 70122 Bari – Italy.

We know what ‘iconic’ means. Literally.

For this reason, when it comes to extraordinary actions, we’re open to many creative possibilities:
Site-specific art | Capsule collection | Big events | Custom design.